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About Us

NICEEDUCATION: A Nursery of Communicative English

Nice is a storehouse of language providing innovative ideas for developing effective communication skills. Education is all about meaningful communication. Students, Teachers and Parents are aware of the fact that English is the measuring rode of communication in modern era of knowledge explosion and its global expansion. NICE provides its learners a friendly atmosphere to shape and sharpen their inborn potentials and to expose themselves with overwhelming enthusiasm.

How to start the Mission?

1. The programme is for three consecutive academic years.
2. The minimum student’s strengith to implement the programme is 600.
3. For implementing the programme successfully two periods should be assigned to each class in a week during the school hours.
4. The teacher deputed for the programme will be available in the school during the school hours on all the working days.
5. The programme fee can be paid in two installments.
6. The number of faculty members appointed for the programme depends upon the strength of Students.
7. An Amount of Rs.550/- will be charged from per student for a year.