Education is all round development of a child. It is not only limited in textbooks or classrooms. NICE  education is doing their best to improve the communication skills in children. Keep up the same in future also. All the best……
Principal, Nirmala Math Matric  School, Perunthurai


I am grateful to NICE Education for their wonderful efforts. It has helped to improve the language skills of our students. I wish them all success.
Infant Jesus Matriculation School, Anavasal


“NICE EDUCATION helps students to develop best communication skills that are essential for day to day life”
Sr.Helan Gladis
Holy Spirit Matriculation School, Kalayarkoli


With the arrival of NICE Education Staff in our Institution, my dream came true and the parents of my kids are in ecstasy listening their conversation and the way they respond in English.
Dhanaselvi Jayarani
Principal, Shakespeare Matriculation School,  Trichy

Communicative English faculty introduces new strategies each week to motivate students to speak in English. I appreciate the personal interest taken by Mr. Bineesh in success of the programme in the school. I thank the Management of NICE Education for their interest, enthusiasm and commitment
Shantha Devadason
Principal, Good Shepherd Matriculation School, Trichy
Wonderful Change has taken place in the young beautiful buds by the efforts of NICE Education and its staff. They are well trained, innovative, hardworking and active. I deeply appreciate their efforts.
Sr. Bindhu Joseph

Principal, St.Anans Matric School, Erode.
We are really proud to be associated with NICE Education. Since we started the programme there is tremendous improvement in the school in all areas.
Sr. Anis V.V.
Annai Mary Matriculation school, Erode
NICE Education courseware has developed the students Communicative Skills, Self Confidence and eagerness to learn the lessons.
Mincy Varghese
Principal, Annai Valiankanni School, Singampunari
Nice Education has primed friendly environment in school premises through their activity based programme. Students are taking keen interest in these activities. It has helped a lot in their academic as well as communicative skills.
Sr. Elassma Thomas
Principal, Infant Jesus Matriculation Hr. Sec. School Manali, Chennai
I thank Nice Education for their wonderful efforts that have been made for last 06 months in our school. Our students have improved and able to communicate in English due to the wonderful chore of Nice Education.
Sr. Elsy K.O
Principal, St. James Matri. H.S School, Ponneri, Chennai
The tree grows out of a very tiny seed and becomes one of the biggest trees in nature. In the same way a child who can be compared as tiny seed will be an adult after few years. I am sure that Nice Education through their innovative programme can change all our tiny seeds to giant trees.
Sr. Ancy, Principal,
St. Mary’s Matriculation H. S. S Gummidipoondi, Chennai
Education is the holistic development of children. Nice Education through their activity based curriculum made a tension free campus in our school. I hope that they will keep the same spirit in future also. My prayers and best wishes to them……
Sr. Jessy
Principal , St.Mary’s Matri. School, Kumbam
First and foremost I am really proud to be synchronized with Nice Education. Our communicative English faculty introduces new strategy in each class which generates lot of interest in students. I appreciate the management for these strategies which is helping the students a lot.
Sr. Thressa
Principal,  St. Mary’s Matri. School, Salem
I am happy to have NICE Education in our school. It has improved the language skills of our students. They speak English fluently now. I thank them and wish all success.
Sr. Nirmala
Principal, Infant Jesus Matriculation Hr. Se. School
(Primary Section) Manali, Chennai.
I am happy to say that the Communicative English classes conducted by NICE Education is really a born for our students. They are learning in radiating pattern which I found quiet helpful to built their personality. The students of rural area are seems to be confident in communication. I sincerely thank NICE Education and wish a bright future with great success.
Hukum Sing Rathore
Principal, B. V. M. International School, Nasullaganj, M. P
I take this opportunity to express my profound gratitude to the Director and other faculty members of NICE Education for your innovative effort to improve the language fluency of the students.
Our school is celebrating the Second birthday of NICE Education and its touch and presence brought tremendous changes among the students, teachers and parents. The energetic and spirit filled 7 Nice Masters reach out to all the students and teachers with interesting programme and make the school campus very active and alive. Our parents are amazed to hear our kids communicating only in English in the school premises. The play way teaching friendly approached, variety of Linguistic competitions, creative assembly and mind blowing programme conducted by our NICE Masters are very much enthralling. Their Commitment and ability to involve all the 3308 students and 105 Teachers in the various competitions is praiseworthy. My heart overwhelms with joy and gratitude to God When I observe the confidence of all my teachers and students to communicate in English.
I owe my gratitude to NICE Education for Making our school as a unique one, convincing our teachers and students community about the significance of English language. May the good Lord bless your endeavors and continues to guide you to give this awareness to many more school.
Sr. Sheena
Principal, Infant Jesus Matriculation Hr. Sec. School, Devakottai.
Art of communication is the source of one’s success, be it the daily living or the professional field. Everyone is one among many and the luck favours the one who can impress others and it is the art of effective communication that is necessary and NICE Education has taken up an innovative programme to develop the communicative skills f many children and I hope they will definitely have a bright future and I take this opportunity to wish everyone the very best.
John Britto
Principal, Periyar Matriculation School, Jayankondam

Modern world of competition where everyone is after novelty. Here, we found a new method through Nice Education where students can learn a lot without textbooks a pens. My beat  wishes to them.
Sr. Latha Jacob
Principal, Vimala Matriculation Hr. SCe. School, Chennimalai


Nice Education has been doing tremendous effort to inspire communicative skills in our young buds. I would like to appreciate their task…
Sr. A. Mary, Principal,
St. mary’s Matriculation H.S.S (Primary Section) Gummidipoondi.

Glimpses of Vouchsafed vision about English.
Thou advent has been a morning star to remove the blemishes in mother tongue; they hast spoon fed our tiny tots to speak English undefiled. Grateful are we to you. English downed into our school, crossing many stumbling blocks and hurdles in person of you to sow the seeds and remove the weeds.
Long live English! and Long live NICE Education.
Sr. Emalda
Principal, St. Joseph Matriculation School, Moolangudi.
Lots of greetings and Salutations!
I have been noticing the marvelous improvement in schools due to Communicative English  classes by Nice Education. I really appreciate Nice Family for heir tremendous effort which helps the schools to up the future citizens of our nation.
Mr. V. Jaykumar
Chief Educational Officer Trichy

It is my pleasure to pen down a few appreciative words to the Director and the other faculties of NICE Education on the occasion of giving birth to a magazine of your achievements. The task you have undertaken is an inevitable challenge to the young minds of the present generation in this academically competitive world today. This Brain Child of yours is  bouncing with vigor and enthusiasm to the institution to add colour and combination to their academic efficiency. They promised to the society today. I am indeed happy to congratulate NICE family for the innovative method, creative approach in  imparting communicative skills and techniques in the growing mind of the future generation. My sincere prayers and support will be always there to reach you in the zenith glory of your dream.
Sr. Cicily P.L
Educational Co-coordinator, Seva Missionary Sisters of Mary, Manali New Town, Chennai-103

Nice Education has made a platform for students to enliven their own skills in an innovative way and develop communicative skills in an innovative way. Students have gained a lot through the activities conducted in the class rooms. I take this opportunity to wish everyone the very best.
Sr. Selvi, Principal,
Velianikannai Matha Matriculation School Aundipatty, Theni.

School Education aims at a holistic development which includes good communicative skills. By developing English Fluency, Students become confident to face the challenged of the future world. The introduction of NICE Education in our school  has fulfilled the need of the language development and we are elated that we have paved way for a glorious future to our students. Thanks to NICE Education…
N. Nirmala
Principal, Periyar Centenary Memorial Matriculation H.S.S, Trichy